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First of all: a DRUMMER is NEEDED FOR THE BAND  – If U R one or U do know somebody who is up for some loud music and likes to rock out, drop us a line!

Coz unfortunately the band’s drummist [ from 2015  ’til 2018 February ] has decided to leave # recently. Rest assured, the new album [titled STRIKE2] will be finished without him. Tho’, it does slow things down, the collection of tunes will be available soon. 3 tracks are on-line from it, find the links further down this page with other info from the past few months.

Of course you can click on the “Audio-Visual” menu to find the new videos along with others that were released via YouTube in the last years. 

Recently (January 17th) The Argus conducted a telephone interview with the band (because of the song HEADLINER – see below) and published in print too. Find it in said paper’s issue of Thursday, January 18, 2018, p3. The audio of that piece can be heard here!


A recent tune (with lyric video) was released – for Xmas –  from the upcoming album so you might as well check it out!

Other songs from the new collection of tunes are available too (click on pictures)!

In the meantime…

Our songs in total have reached 7000+ plays so we hope many of you blare them thru the walls every now and again – you’re due a thank-you 4 supporting DIY music!

Thank You!

( -February 9th- )

Keep It Loud!

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